How to get Visa & Tour packages for Canada from India

Applying visa for Canada is always hassling work for every Indian passport holder. Form downloading, running for document collection, document submission, long wait and booking everything in advance and log wait for visa is tired everyone. We UJALA VACATIONS is an corporate travel agency in canada, assist every Indian tourist to get visa & tour packages for Canada hassle free in terms of cost reasonable price, custom tour package that is full of fun.

There are two types of visa you can apply for:

  1. Single Entry visa– allow you to come to Canada only once
  2. Multiple Entry Visa– valid for 10 years or one month before your passport expires, whichever comes first among both.

  1. How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa:

There are two ways to apply for Canadian Visa: Online and Offline.

Online Application for Canadian Tourist Visa:

  1. All the steps are mentioned on the Canada VFS official site.
  2. You should download the form OR fill the form online from CIC-Application forms.
  3. Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is not needed for Indian passport holders.
  4. You have to provide a completed signed form waiver form and VFS Consent Form.

Offline Application for Canadian Tourist Visa:

You need to download all forms required and filled and submit to corporate travel agency UJALA VACATIONS. You can also email @

  1. Flight and Accommodation Bookings for Canada

As while applying for a tourist visa, you need to show your confirmed flight ticket and accommodation bookings details. Booking these in advance of the visa approval is always a bit of risk – so always prefer fully refundable bookings. Most of airline ticketing agencies & and hotels websites offer full refundable booking. After your visa approval, you can cancel these and make your actual bookings.

  1. Cover Letter and Support Documents

Check the document as per on the VFS Canada website and after ensuring that all your documents are in order, write a brief cover letter summarizing your application – why are you visiting to Canada, how do you manage to cover your expenses, have you an invitation letter?

  1. Passport Collection

The official processing time is between 10 – 14 working days. You can sign up alert for the free SMS / email at the time of submitting your passport, or track your application online self OR be continuous in touch with the travel agency.

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